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The Best Carb Cap to Spin Pearls? Meet our new Disk Spinner Carb Caps

January 18, 2021

Month after month, one of our most purchased products are ruby pearls from ThePearlPlug which proves they have become a necessary accessory in dabbing setups.  Terp Pearls work well with any carb cap, but when it's paired with a spinner carb cap... that's when the real magic happens.  

What do Spinner Caps Do?

Terp Spinner Carb Caps are designed with precise slits that'll create a vortex within the bottom of your banger.  The airflow is so intense that it'll rapidly cause your pearls to spin in the bottom of your banger which will aid in the vaporization process of your oils. And we gotta admit it looks pretty damn cool too. 

Why we Like the Disk Spinner Cap

When picking out a spinner cap for your quartz banger, sizing & fitment can be trick and the majority of spinner caps on the market are designed to fit on 25mm bangers. However with these new disks, they can fit 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm bangers.  Not only that, the actual vortex strength you get from the unique disk design is top notch.  Despite being a new product, they're already becoming a very popular option.

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