5 Reasons Why Quartz Inserts Are A Must-Have for Your Quartz Banger

July 20, 2018

quartz inserts dishes for bangers for sale

The picture features a quartz insert inside an opaque white bottom banger

Quartz inserts, pads, dishes, whatever you want to call them... have become a popular new accessory by dab enthusiasts this year.  Let's look at the top 3 reasons why customers have been buying our quartz inserts for sale:

1) Cleanliness and Extended Banger Life

Quartz banger inserts act like a protective shell that will get dirty versus getting your actual banger dirty.  This will improve the look of your entire rig setup, and it will increase the resale value of your banger if you need to part ways with it down the road.

2) Lower Temps for Longer

Once an insert is set in the bottom of a banger, it instantly increases the total amount of quartz that will be heated.  It's simple: The thicker the quartz, the longer it will retain heat and stay within that golden low-temp zone.

4) They're Cheap

They can be had for less than $10 an insert shipped.  Not bad at all to give it a shot, or to make it a usual purchase down the road.

5) Multiple Sizes Available to Fit your Banger

Inserts are offered in small or large sizes.  Shoot us an email if you have questions on what will work best with your banger.



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