Terp Pearls / Banger Bombs | What they're for & why you need them.

January 15, 2019

Terp Pearls for Sale

When Quartz Bangers started becoming extremely popular a few years ago, carb caps were always the one must-have accessory.  Fast forward to now, there may be a new must-have accessory for your nail & cap combo called a Terp Pearl.

So What Are They?

They're tiny perfectly shaped spheres that are made out of boro or quartz.  The ones we sell are all made out of quartz because they're more durable, reliable, and hold heat for longer (even though quartz costs a little more).  Sizes range, but they're about 6mm in diameter.

How & Why They're Used:

Place one or multiple terp pearls (depending on the size of your banger) in the bottom of the banger prior to torching.  When you're ready to go, heat the banger up like you regularly would.  The terp pearls act as extra surface area for you to properly vaporize your oils.  Moreso, when you pair up your banger & pearls with a special carb cap like our Vortex Carb Cap, the airflow will create a vortex that will actually sping your pearls around the bottom of the banger for a very cool effect.  It's essentially the same principle for when you stir chilli or scrambled eggs to allow everything to cook evenly.

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