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Ruby Inserts for Quartz Bangers - Get the Best Taste Possible

June 13, 2019

So what's the buzz behind Ruby Inserts?

Right off the bat, taste purists almost unanimously agree that ruby is the best tasting surface you can possibly use for your concentrates.  Everything tastes super clean off of ruby surfaces.  And because it retains heat better than quartz, you're able to achieve some of the best low temps dabs possible.

Moreso, they don't get chazzed or hazy like quartz inserts and bangers do over time.  Just a quick cleaning to your ruby insert will make it look like the day you bought it.

If you want information on what Quartz Inserts are used for, read our article about them here.


What You Need to Know Before Prior To Usage:

Because of their composition, you never want to put a direct flame on your ruby insert because that rapid increase in heat can cause thermal shock and potential crack your insert.  Also, when cleaning, make sure your ruby insert is at room temperature otherwise the rapid temp change can cause thermal shock too.

Sizing is important too.  These particular inserts from BOSS come in the most common insert size at 19mm outer diameter.  These are best suited for 25mm bangers.  A good rule of thumb is to have atleast 1mm or more in space between the outter diameter of your insert and the inner diameter of your quartz banger.

Check Out the Ruby Insert Below:

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