OMNI Q-Mega Quartz Banger Review: Best OMNI Nail to Date?

December 18, 2017


Santa Cruz Shredder is notably known for their "Advanced Engineered" products that range from grinders and titanium nails to quartz nails and carb caps.  We've always been impressed by their titanium line going on five years now, so when we heard they were coming out with their spin on a traditional quartz banger, our ears perked.

S.C.S. posted on their IG page not too long ago teasing their new OMNI Q-Mega.  Right off the bat, you can see it's a step away from their traditional OMNI pattern and instead, looks more like a Reactor banger.

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Right in time for the Holidays, our shipment of the Q-Mega arrived to our NY Office along with a handful of compatible carb caps called the "Pump Cap".  Before we give our intial feedback, let's list the specs provided by SCS:

  • 99.999% Pure Quartz
  • 26mm main dish - 15mm inside dish
  • 2mm thick sidewalls - 3mm thick bottom pad
  • Beveled top lip for the perfect seal & control with the Pump Cap
  • Polished Joint
  • Proudly made in the USA

 Upon initial inspection, the proved to be on par with the quality we expect from Santa Cruz Shredder.  It is literally flawless.  The beveled top lip is extremely impressive and perfectly shaped throughout the entire perimeter of the cup. 

We dig the fact it has a nice thick bottom and the quartz pad will ensure that it holds in heat for a long time.  The flat-top cup allows it to be compatible with a wide range of carb caps, not just the Pump Cap.  But honestly, once we paired up the Q-Mega with the Pump Cap and did a few swirls it felt like straight butter. It felt smooth and damn good.  Again, you can get away with using a different cap, but if you want to reap all the benefits of this cap, you definitely should cop the matching cap too.

It's not a huge banger either. Chances are if you have $200 to shell out on a Banger, it's probably going to be paired up with a high-end rig.  This banger won't steal the spotlight away from your piece, but it will definitely add to the overall aesthetic of your piece. Also, we are fans of the small OMNI logo on the back of the nail that gives it the brand recognition you want to see in a high-end banger.  

Is this Banger for Everyone?

Definitely not.  And that's solely because of its premium price tag that some people will squawk at.  On the other hand, are the budget-friendly bangers that cost a fraction of the price the same quality? Nope, but they're definitely somewhat in the same ballpark. 

Bottom Line Review of the OMNI Q-Mega Quartz Banger by Santa Cruz Shredder:

The Q-Mega isn't some radically different design that's about to turn the industry upside down.  And frankly, that's kind of a good thing.  We've seen where the direction bangers are headed and this one is the culmination of what everyone wants in a high-end banger.

If you're the kind of cannassuer that takes their bangers seriously and is willing to shell out hundreds on a banger, the OMNI Q-Mega should definitely be in consideration.  It's right up their in terms of quality (if not better) than other quartz powerhouses like Quave and Toro - and that's quite the compliment.

We're proud to be authorized retailers of Santa Cruz Shredder products and have the OMNI Q-Mega in stock ready to ship.  If you want to see more pictures or to purchase with our fast, free & discrete shipping, click this link here.

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