New Reactor Quartz Banger Overview: How Does the Quartz Core Hold Up?

August 03, 2017

Reactor Quartz Banger Overview:
The new Reactor XXL Quartz Banger has quickly become one of the most popular nails on our website.  It borrows everything we love about a traditional quartz banger, but takes it one step further by adding a thick quartz core in the bottom of the dish.  This aids in retaining heat and ensuring a thorough vaporization at low temps.
Huuuge Cup for Slabs:
The XXL term stands for its very large 25mm cup.  Not only is it a wide cup, but it's also very deep and can handle anything dabbed on it.  This nail works with a good amount of thermal bubble caps, but our new UFO Carb Caps are the perfect fit for it.  Check out our Combo Deal #6 where we offer a solid deal on both the XXL Reactor Banger and matching UFO Carb Cap.
We offer the Core Reactor in every 90 degree angle banger available, 10mm F, 10mm M, 14mm F, 14mm M, 18mm F, and 18mm M.  Comment below with your thoughts on this new nail!

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