WEEKEND SALE extended 24 hours| Save 20% + Free Gift | Valid Thru 6/23 Only | Must use code "WKND""

WEEKEND SALE extended 24 hours| Save 20% + Free Gift | Valid Thru 6/23 Only | Must use code "WKND""

Combo Deal #6: Reactor Style XXL Quartz Banger + UFO Carb Cap


A Thick Quartz Core for Ideal Vaporization

Buy together and save!  We've paired up our new Reactor Style Banger with a matching UFO Carb Cap for a package deal price.  This nail and carb cap pair up perfectly together and will instantly become your new go-to banger and carb cap setup.

These new Reactor Quartz Bangers are very impressive  On the bottom of the dish, there's a small solid quartz core that holds heat longer than any other part of the nail.  This is convenient because your essential oils will be in contact with the quartz core the most.

It comes in an XXL 25mm cup size that will handle the largest of slabs with ease.  We also really dig the low profile look of the banger and pairs up nicely with high-end glass.  This new take on the traditional quartz banger is here to stay.  Any quartz banger enthusiast should have one of these Reactor Style XXL Quartz Bangers in their rotation.  

**Manager's Update**

We've upgraded our UFO Carb Cap to be more appropriately beefy, improved on the overall craftsmanship, and added some color to the handle.  We prefer using this new carb cap with the Reactor XXL Quartz Banger.

Shipping Info:

 All quartz products are examined and securely packaged in a discrete white box that gets shipped out directly from our office based in New York.  For every order, we include FREE goodies and offer FREE & FAST USPS First Class Shipping. International & Overnight shipping options are also available. 


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