Santa Cruz Shredder - "Pump Cap" Carb Cap for OMNI Q-MEGA

Santa Cruz Shredder

The Perfect Compliment to the OMNI Q

The OMNI XL Boro Cap is made in California from super thick & durable borosilicate glass.  We love the feel of the carb cap while in-hand, and fits flawlessly with their own Q-MEGA Quartz Banger.  The round design allows for a super smooth swirling motion with the Q-MEGA, Reactor Banger or Thermal Banger.  Below the colored top features an "OMNI" logo and opposite of that is a discrete slit to ensure the perfect flow. If you own the Q-MEGA, do yourself a favor and make sure you pair it up with one of these caps.  Oh and for the record, this cap pairs up perfectly with the Puffco Peak. 

Sizing Guide:

It's designed to pair up with SCS' new OMNI Q-MEGA Banger, but it also works with many other bangers such as the XXL Flat-Top, Reactor or Thermal Quartz Banger.

Colors Breakdown:

Due to rapid changes in the colors we have on hand, we may not have pictures of the colors we have in stock.  Please read the descriptions of the colors we currently have here:

Amber Purple: A primarily Amber top with Purple streaks.  Almost looks similar to the iris of a human eye.

Crippy: A transparent lime green that looks like it would taste amazing if it was edible.

Greasy Purple: A fun transparent light purple color.

Peach: A transparent peach color that looks like candy.

Experimental #12: A unique bluish purple color.

Hydra: A staff favorite fun & light transparent green.

These colors we currently have are brand new and are very tough to get our hands on due to high demand. 


Select the handle color below - limited quantities available.

Shipping Info:

 All quartz products are examined and securely packaged in a discrete white box that gets shipped out directly from our office based in New York.  For every order, we include FREE goodies and offer FREE & FAST USPS First Class Shipping. International & Overnight shipping options are also available. 

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