February Freeze Sale | FREE SHIPPING AND SAVE 15% AT CHECKOUT. Free TErp Pearl for orders over $35!

February Freeze Sale | FREE SHIPPING AND SAVE 15% AT CHECKOUT. Free TErp Pearl for orders over $35!

Santa Cruz Shredder - OMNI Q-MEGA Quartz Banger 30mm XXL

Santa Cruz Shredder

A New Flagship Banger from One of the Best.

Not too long ago, Santa Cruz Shredder came out with the OMNI Q-MEGA that quickly gained praise as an ultra high-end banger.  People love the design, beveled cup, quartz pad, and overall precision by the California manufacturer.

Now, they just launched a brand new variant of the classic in a larger size.  Coming in at an impressive 30mm wide cup, this banger is ready to take everything thrown at it. 

It's truly a flawless display of amazing craftsmanship that gives other quartz giants within the industry a run for their money.  It has a slightly beveled edge on the lip which makes the carb capping experience awesome.


Due to the flat top of the banger, there's a lot of carb caps that will create a tight seal over the banger. Check out any of our UFO Caps.  But our #1 recommendation is SCS' Pump Cap is specially designed for the Q-Mega to create a perfect match.

Not Sure What Size/Gender You Need?  Read our In-Depth Size Guide.

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