Thermal Quartz Bangers: For Sale, In Stock Ready To Ship!

March 17, 2017

Thermal P Quartz Banger For Sale Online

The Most Impressive Nail Under $50 Ever Created?

We've been in the dab nail game for years and we've paid close attention to the evolution of nails & bangers and of course we've seen really unique and outside-the-box designs pop up here and there.  Sometimes they're gimmicky and don't last.  Other times, they'll explode in popularity be a catalyst for future designs.  These new Thermal Bangers are the latter, and are about to seriously change the game.

First off, compared to other bangers, the cup on these nails are truly huge and will pair up nicely with most rigs.  It features a double wall design which serves three purposes:

1) Heat up quickly.

2) Vaporize essential oils more efficiently than traditional bangers.

3) Drastically reduce excess build-up in the banger's stem and your rig's joints.

Furthermore, our Thermal Bangers are sourced directly from one of the most impressive manufactures in the industry that has top-notch quartz quality and craftsmanship.  You can find similar clones on the internet that don't come close to the quality of ours, or you can pay upwards of 3x the price at your local headshop.  Bangers are our #1 focus and we're able to sell superior products at the lowest prices possible.

They can be purchased by themselves, or you can pair it up with a matching carb cap to have one of the demanded bang for your buck setups of 2017.

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