Big Sale on Our Nail & Carb Cap Combo Deals!

February 10, 2017

Quartz Bangers & Carb Cap for Sale

We're off to a busy 2017!

One thing we've learned from our customers is that they've been loving our Banger & Carb Cap combo deals.  It's a great way to set yourself up with an awesome nail that pairs perfectly with a matching carb cap.  We've decided to run a promotion for a very limited time where you can redeem 25% off your order of a Nail & Carb Cap Combo Deal.  

All you need to do to redeem this deal is type in "COMBO" upon checkout in the discount code section.  Click here to see our collection of combo deals.



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Biggest 24hr Sale of the Summer!

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*Gifts are based on order totals after the use of "HEAT" discount code*