Glob Mops XL 2.0 Q-Tips (300 pcs)

Glob Mops

King of Q-Tips

Q-Tipping is essential when it comes to keeping your bangers clean and your dabs tasty.  That's why we love the Glob Mops XL in their new and improved 2.0 version.   There's 3 times more cotton than version 1.0 which greatly improves absorption.  

Each XL Glob Mop is has a rounded end and a pointed end.  These are far more durable than your traditional Q-Tip, so once you try a Glob Mop there's no going back.

Shipping Info:

 All products are examined and securely packaged in a discrete white box that gets shipped out directly from our office based in New York.  For every order, we include FREE goodies and offer FREE & FAST USPS First Class Shipping. International & Overnight shipping options are also available. 


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