In-Depth Size Guide for Quartz Bangers: Get the Right Size for Your Rig!

Quartz Bangers for Sale Online

The last thing you want to do is to buy a Quartz Banger online or in a headshop that does not fit your rig properly.  Use our free in-depth size guide to make sure you buy the correct mm and gender for your rig.

  1. Find out which gender banger you need:

If your rig is a male joint ( a.k.a Direct Inject) then you're going to want to buy a female nail.  Or if you have a female joint on your rig, then you're going to want to buy a male banger.  Can you use a male banger on a male joint?  Yes, but you'll need to buy a female to female glass adapter.  Same goes with a female banger with a female joint: you'll need a to buy a male to male glass adapter for it to fit.  We suggest that you keep things simple by buying a male banger to go with your female joint, or a female banger to go with your male joint.

  1. Find out which size banger you need:

The majority of rigs will fall under three different joint sizes:  10mm, 14mm, or 18mm.  Use this picture guide below to figure our which size joint your rig is.  Be sure to purchase the same mm size banger as the mm size on your rig. I.E. If you have a 14mm joint on your rig then you'll want to purchase as 14mm quartz banger.

  1.  Find out which angle you need:

This step is not as important as the steps listed above, but it is definitely worthwhile to purchase the correct angle banger too.  There's two different angles you can purchase: 45° or 90°.  If the joint on your rig comes straight up vertical, you'll want to purchase a 90° banger.  However, if your rig has a joint that comes out at a 45° angle, then you'll want to purchase a 45° angled banger.

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